About Luke

Over the years I’ve been described as many things: illustrator, graphic designer, website designer, photographer, WordPress ninja, collector, but one title that seems to resonate the most is ‘creative’.

Here are some of the creative things I do.


I’m a creative soul who is both inspired and motivated by the power of ideas. As an artist, I love creating memorable and insightful imagery that evoke a truth about the human condition.

I create my illustrations using a combination of paint, pencils and pixels. This allows me to work in a fluid and efficient way with a crafted approach to detail. My editorial work largely comprises of bringing conceptual ideas to life with visual metaphors.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my illustrations commissioned by some of the UK’s most prominent media publications including The Guardian newspaper, The Times newspaper and The Economist.

Graphic / Web Designer

Whilst drawing and painting is my number one passion, graphic design is what I do for a living.

Since 2008 I’ve been putting my creative skills to good use: crafting marketing material, promotional graphics, designing coffee table books, logos as well as building websites for clients.

Take a look at my other website if you’d to hire me as a designer. I design WordPress websites for creative businesses, help build brands and impart knowledge on my blog.


Having previously worked for a leading photography training company for over 9 years, being a whizz at digital enhancing, re-touching, airbrushing and generally making photographs look awesome is another set of skills under my belt.

Photography was a big part of my formative years as my dad is an avid collector of vintage cameras. I must’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs in my lifetime – I’ve added a few of my favourites into a gallery.

Making awesome videos

My newest hobby combines what I love to collect and what I love to do most – being creative.

Starting with some experience I had editing video in Final Cut Pro, I began making short entertaining videos. I then started uploading them to a new Youtube channel and the journey so far has been a blast.

With my channel continuing to grow every day and the fact that I value my privacy quite a bit, I’m not going to link to it here. :(